BMI Calculator

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A great way to keep an eye on your weight and to see if it has become a problem is to calculate your BMI. This can also be helpful even if you think your weight is healthy as you may be underweight or slightly overweight. However as this is only a tool please use it as a guide, no internet tool can really tell if you are healthy or not.

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and is a number that is calculated from your height and weight. The BMI calculation is general and does not take your exact body type into account. For example you may have a more solid structure than others, or less so.

The BMI categories are as follows:

    • < 15: Very severely underweight
    • 15.0 – 16.0: Severely underweight
    • 16.0 – 18.5: Underweight
    • 18.5 – 25: Normal (healthy weight)
    • 25 – 30: Overweight
    • 30 – 35: Obese Class I (Moderately obese)
    • 35 – 40: Obese Class II (Severely obese)
    • > 40: Obese Class III (Very severely obese)

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