Right hand dominance conspiracy

Right Hand Dominance, All rights to the respective owner

You might be wondering where the conspiracy lies in a world of right hand dominance. Well, this is actually an article about social engineering and conditioning. Join me as we peel back the layers to expose some common themes around the world. You see, for hundreds if not thousands of years we have all been encouraged to write with and prefer our right hands. While at the same time we were often punished and ridiculed when we used our left hands. But just why is this so?

Right Hand Dominance

Malawians cite their views that “the left hand is less skilled and less powerful than the right one” as main reasons for forcing left-handers to convert. Among students, teachers and parents, 75% said the left hand should not be used to perform habitual activities, and 87.6% of these believed left-handers should be forced to switch dominant hands. Parents and close relatives are most responsible for impressing these beliefs upon their children. 1

For the most part western schools no longer force people to use a particular hand, but in the not too distant past you would have received a severe caning for using your left hand. Some parents still try all manner of things to correct their children’s “bad habit” of using their left hand.

“My fourth grade teacher […] would force me to use my right hand to perform all of my school work. If she caught me using my left hand, I was hit in the head with a dictionary. It turned out that she believed left handers were connected with Satan.”. 2

This isn’t just a stigma of the western world, right hand dominance is prevalent in many other places. In many countries throughout the Middle East and Asia (particularly India and Indonesia) it is culturally forbidden to use your left hand to give something to someone, shake their hand or to eat food. Muslims are told  that the devil is left handed and that the right hand is for “noble matters” and the left hand is for “lowly matters”. 3 Many of these countries also use their left hand to clean themselves after going to the toilet, which may explain this somewhat, but this is only part of the picture of right hand dominance. In a 2007 study in Taiwan, 59.3% of children studied had been forced to convert from being left handed to right handed. 4 Right hand dominance is also prevalent throughout Japan with only 0.7% to 1.7% of naturally left handed students using their left hands to write or eat. 5 Additionally in Japan females, more than males, are often forced to convert to being right handed. 6

So by now you can see a common theme, that using the left hand is often met with social stigma and sometimes punishment. It is seen as “lowly” and much negative reinforcement is used to portray that. So to an observer with no vested interest at all in the situation, they might see it as similar to how you would train a dog. Well actually, it’s worse than that. With a dog you typically reward the good behaviour and ignore the bad behaviour. So a dog is given more respect than the humans who are being conditioned to behave in this way as they are mainly given negative reinforcement.

Ok, so how is this all related? Surely it’s just a coincidence and these are ancient traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation? Well to an extent you would be right, and also that is kind of the point. All of the people who are involved in the process of shaming the left handers were themselves at some point conditioned to believe that, by someone else who was also conditioned to believe it. Most of them have probably have a long list of reasons why they do it, but none of the reasons are something they have discovered themselves (or actually been able to verify). With I suppose the exception, that because the left hand is used to clean up after a visit to the toilet. That may have merit. Though, it does serve as a pretty good daily reminder that the left hand is unclean to further reinforce right hand dominance.

The Hemispheres

brain-hemispheresThe reason, I believe, for this right hand dominance, is to ensure the stimulation of the left hemisphere of the brain. For those of you unfamiliar with how the brain is connected to the rest of the body, refer to the figure on the left. Essentially the left hand is controlled by the right side of our brain (the creative, intuitive, imaginative part). Likewise, the right hand is controlled by the left side of our brain (logic, “reason”, learned habits, maths and related things). So each time we dismiss the use of our left hand and use our right we are reinforcing and stimulating the left side of our brains. Over time it becomes the dominant hemisphere from this and other processes that people go through (which I will touch on later). So how does stimulating the logical part of our brain make any difference? Surely it would be a good thing to be more “logical” and who cares about being “creative”, right? Well if you remember school, they weren’t very big on you questioning the curriculum. The part of you that would do the questioning, you guessed it, comes from the right hemisphere. Likewise, when you are writing down the notes for the lesson as your hand writes it stimulates the logical side of your brain.  Essentially, someone who has a dominant left hemisphere and a passive right hemisphere is easily “programmed”.

You might say, but some of us would be born right handed to begin with? Well, true – but if you consider our position in nature, prior to tools, we wouldn’t have a dominant hand. It wouldn’t make sense at all. As for why some of us grow up preferring one or the other, who can say. I have often theorised that we have more traits passed down to us from our parents than in DNA alone (though it could easily be all within the DNA, we do not fully understand it as yet). Though, with twins it seems that it is different – being born a twin can in fact influence your handedness. Depending on the type of twin birth it can even promote the chances of being left handed. However, this doesn’t seem to influence the dominance factor. Right hand dominance is still prevalent in all twins. 7

Likewise you probably wonder how the rulers thousands of years ago (or even hundreds of years ago) would have known the right hand was linked in such a way. Well I theorise that it was a custom that has been around at least as far back as Sumeria. Though, I haven’t been able to find any evidence of this yet (but would appreciate any if you have some). Essentially, the Sumerian stone tablets speak of our creation as a slave race. The race that created us, the Anunnaki, were very advanced. Our creation was a result of their own people growing tired of working in the mines. After some time we became more intelligent and began to do things like they did, so they separated us into the 4 corners of the earth and gave us all different languages. 8 While I’m not exactly sure what that means, in terms of how they separated us, my guess is they started over. Regardless, hopefully you can see my point of this being an easy explanation as to where this all came from. They were intelligent enough to create us, knew well how to condition us and surely must have seen this as a means to keep the “programming” active.

The other thing to consider with all of this is how it fits into feminine and masculine energy, yin and yang. You see our left hemisphere is associated with masculine energy or yang and the right hemisphere is associated with feminine energy or yin. One could easily argue that right hand dominance is also linked with suppression of the feminine. The suppression of females is certainly prevalent throughout many cultures, including our own until recently. So this is certainly something to consider. 9 However for the sake of this topic I intend to try and stay reasonably scientific, but this subject will no doubt come up in another article.

Building Robots

Cyborg, Copyright to the respective owner.As mentioned above, which hand we use isn’t the only thing in our lives that shapes us into left-brained robots. They very act of going to school at an early age cuts down on the amount we would use our imagination significantly. What’s worse the UK government is considering extending the school day to encompass a 45 hour week! 10 If this happens then what hope do our kids have? Many adults can’t even access their imagination, which shows how  little stimulation their right hemispheres get! The other flaw with the education (indoctrination) system is that the curriculum doesn’t promote imagination in the way it should. Sure, you have art class and can write stories in English class but the environment isn’t right. I remember when I was a child being in the backyard, totally engaged in play – it was absolute, no distractions, totally immersed in what I was doing. Ordinary objects took on new meaning and had purpose within the imagination sequence. That doesn’t happen at school, and if it does you get told off for day dreaming. I’m not saying that adults should play with toys in the backyard, but if we were left to grow up naturally then we would have a much better imagination.

Of course then there is also water fluoridation. I won’t go into great detail about it here, because it’s a broad subject. I will however mention what is relevant to the subject matter, namely, that it’s a sedative. Not only is it a sedative, that was it’s intended purpose when it was discovered by the IG Farben chemicals company. Sodium fluoride was actually first used in Russian and German prisoner of war camps to make the prisoners “stupid and docile” and generally more cooperative. 11 The same sodium fluoride is the kind they now put in our drinking water, apparently to promote strong teeth. This is a complete fallacy, no study has ever supported this – though there have been studies about calcium fluoride that have shown good results. But even with calcium fluoride the results were when applied topically (i.e. toothpaste) and not ingested (i.e. in the water). So the argument for any form of fluoride being in our water is based on complete propaganda. No, it’s intended purpose is the same as those prisoner of war camps – to sedate us and make us more mailable to the will of the state. The other thing fluoride does is it accumulates in our body, so the longer we drink this toxic water, the more we get. The place where it accumulates and causes the most harm (relevant to this topic) is in the pineal gland. Over time it actually causes the pineal gland to calcify, and naturally that renders it inert. 12 Among other things our pineal gland is what allows us to have almost all of the experiences we would deem “spiritual”. If your pineal gland isn’t functioning correctly then you won’t be able to meditate easily (or at all), you won’t receive intuition or “knowing” from other realms/ancestors and you generally wont have much of any connection to the spiritual realm. However, like fluoride, the pineal gland is a massive topic and deserves it’s own article.

What better of a subject in our list than the technology in our homes dubbed “the idiot box”. Aptly named television does exactly that, it creates idiots, with television “programming”. For the most part, television is completely biased and not at all based in reality. It’s perspectives and ideas are pushed, not from a general point of view, but rather a script. For instance, did you know the majority of the media networks (newspapers included) in the world are owned by only a handful of people? Don’t believe me, check out this list of what “News Corp Limited” owns. It’s not even hidden, it’s on Wikipedia: List of assets owned by News Corp. They promote the “agenda” (the state’s view) and focus on negativity and fear in order to, well, make us fearful. Fearful of each other, fearful of deviating from the norm, heck even fearful of going for a walk. Television is by far the most prevalent and effective conditioning tool available to the state. Still don’t believe me? Check out what Disney owns: List of assets owned by Disney. Literally about 6 companies own 90% of Americas media, that is also true for most western countries. 13

In Your Face

royal-coat-of-armsMany of you will recognise this image, particularly if you live in the UK. This is the British coat of arms (Royal Coat of Arms). You may be wondering what this has to do with the topic at all. Well you might notice immediately that there is a lion and a unicorn in the image. What you might not notice is that the unicorn is chained. I am reasonably sure that this element is part of the coat of arms due to the conquest of Scotland. If you look at the Scottish coat of arms it depicts two chained unicorns. None the less, it does to me seem very symbolic that the “right” is chained (right hemisphere) and the “left” is crowned. To me, this is the personification of right hand dominance and likewise left hemisphere dominance. A unicorn to me is a great symbol for imagination and a lion is also a great symbol for reason and logic (though also imagination if you are a Narnia fan). If I were to rationalise why the unicorn is chained, I would have to refer to Kabbalah (the Free masonic school of knowledge).

The Freemasons believe the bible is full of hidden teachings and wisdom in the form of allegory. Relevant to the above, they have a different take on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Essentially Adam’s first wife was Lilith and he found her too untamed and uncontrollable. So he found another wife, Eve – she was much more controllable and suitable for him. This is allegory for our minds, unbridled consciousness with no perception filter is dangerous. However, a disciplined mind that still has access to pure consciousness is a very powerful asset. You might see how a chained unicorn fits into this allegory as well and also why I mention this as it links it again to my statement above. I can’t say for sure that the Coat of Arms has any intentions what so ever beyond being a coat of arms. But if there is one thing I have learnt about how the powers that be operate, they lover their symbolism.

What Can We Do?

neo-matrixWhile the world is a big and scary place and as a single person we might not be able to make much of an impact, we can make changes in our own lives. We can also share information and knowledge with others and try to enlighten them. Eventually when enough people realise what is going on then things will start to change. I see it every day, a brighter tomorrow is just on the horizon. Don’t necessarily stop watching television, but see through the propaganda. Though, rather than watching main stream media try watching alternate media (made by the people, for the people) like The Peoples Voice or Alex Jones’ Info Wars. You don’t have to become left handed, but try and use your left hand more. If you can become ambidextrous then that’s fantastic, you will achieve better brain synchronisation. When you go for a walk swing your arms in opposite directions to your legs (kind of like marching), this will also stimulate both hemispheres and create synchronisation (walking a pet can make this difficult though). Stop drinking fluoridated water however you can; buy water you have verified PERSONALLY is fluoride free, install a tank and use rain water or install a fluoride water filter (the cheap filters don’t remove fluoride). Challenge your beliefs and habits, just because your parents did something doesn’t mean you have to – this is likely their conditioning.

“There once was a young bride who decided to make her husband a pot roast for dinner. After trimming the meat, she cut the end off the roast and put it in the pan. As her husband watched her prepare dinner, he asked, ‘Why do you cut the end off before you put it in the pan?’

‘Because mom always did,’ she replied. Thinking about it the next day, she called mom and asked her why she cut the end off the roast. Mom said, ‘Because that’s how grandma always did it. Ask her.’

So, the young bride called grandma and inquired about cutting the end off the roast. Her grandma laughed and said, ‘Honey, we never had a pot big enough to hold the whole roast, so I always had to cut the end off.'” 14

Although the story above is terrible as it involves eating meat, it makes a perfect point. But seriously, if you do eat meat consider going vegan or at the very least vegetarian. Meat is terrible for you and the planet and it also makes you sedate and slow, likewise cows milk is also a sedative. This is why it’s given to children in kindergarten before they have their nap. And you aren’t a baby cow, so you don’t need it! Ideally you should go fruitarian as this is your natural diet and the one you will thrive on. I will post more articles about diet and health very soon. But for now there are some great links to follow on the right side navigation.

The important thing is to remember the ploy, the state has invested a lot of time and money into controlling you. This is the real knowledge you need as once you start to see the patterns, you will see through all of the deception.

Take care of yourself and each other!


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