Curing depression and changing your life


Struggling with depression need not be a life sentence and regardless of how much the notion is pushed, it is not a disease. I had depression throughout most of my life, I was even on anti-depression medication. The medication sure stopped the depression, but it made me feel numb and it dulled all of my senses. That is not living, not at all. The companies that make this “medicine” are after profit, they aren’t trying to cure you of anything. The longer you are depressed, the more they make. The doctors who promote their medicine often get kickbacks as well and the universities that these doctors attended are furnished with books and resources paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. You really can’t trust their advice, but if you have a broken leg – by all means see a doctor to get a cast. But if they offer you pills and medication, run as fast as you can.

Thought Breeds Thought

So how did I cure my depression? Well there are several things involved and each of them is important, but none as much as thought. When you have a negative thought come into your mind you have a choice. You can either accept it and focus on it, in which case it will grow and become larger and fill your mind with even more negative thoughts. The other choice is to ignore the thought, push it to the side, perhaps replace it with a positive thought. This may not seem easy at first, but with practice you will develop a habit to deal with them more effectively. For example, you go to a public place and you think people are judging how you look. Stop the thought dead in it’s tracks, realise most people could care less about what you look like, they are too absorbed in their own world to even notice you. Do you go into public places and look around for someone to make fun of? No? Then why would they. If you do, then you deserve to feel bad 🙂

A technique I use to control negative thought is what others have called “the circle of concern”. It’s very simple, draw an imaginary circle in your mind – if the negative thought is something you can deal with, place it inside the circle. If it is not, it goes on the outside. All of the thoughts and problems on the outside get ignored, with the exception of things like grieving (we all need to grieve). If you can deal with it, then do so! Don’t feel bad about something you keep putting off, make time for it and do it! So for example you don’t have enough money to last you the week, but you can’t do anything about it. Push the concern out of your mind, it will just breed more thoughts and create a situation where there is even less prosperity. Instead, try to tackle the problem with a positive outlook and see what you can do. If you manage to make it through the week then recognise this and embrace how well you did. Transmute the negative into a positive.

Whether you believe it or not, thought creates your reality. So for a depressed person they will continue to see self fulfilling prophecies all the time. If they can change the way they think, focus on the positive and expunge the negative then they can cultivate a reality that reinforces more positivity. There are people in 3rd world countries where no manner of positive thinking will help them, they need our help – some of them though are doing extremely well and looking after their communities. As bad as it is, you are capable of extraordinary things. If you don’t believe that, fake it until you make it and keep trying – eventually you will see just what you are capable of.

Energy Cultivation

For empaths like myself we know first hand what positive and negative energy feels like and also the results of both. For people who can’t feel energy it’s not always obvious, though when your depressed you certainly “feel” it. Being in a lower vibrational state (negative energy) is like moving through tar, everything is hard and you struggle to think clearly. The parallel with depression here should be obvious, you can’t be depressed without being in a lower vibrational state. So they are interconnected, but that isn’t to say everyone (or everything) in a lower vibrational state is depressed. Curing depression, as mentioned above primarily involves refining your thought process. But a big part is also to raise your vibration, to become a positive person. For example, if you are a judgemental person and negative about things all the time. This doesn’t seem like it has anything to do directly with your depression, but it does. It contributes to lowering your vibration and making you negative.

Much like with thought, energy too has a cascade effect. If you are a little bit negative and don’t correct it you will find that you attract more and more negativity. More negative thoughts, more negative energy (or “mood”). The other important thing here is that if you are way down in a negative vibration it becomes increasingly harder to be positive. For example, someone does something really nice and special for you, but you just can’t appreciate it at all. However, the same is true for being in a higher vibration and being positive – a negative event occurs, but it rolls off you easily and doesn’t “stick”. You might even see the silver lining, and when that person does something special you appreciate it even more.

My insight into this has another perspective as well, which I haven’t really heard anyone talk about (but that isn’t to say it isn’t discussed). As we walk the earth our soul walks the spiritual plane. When we are in a higher vibration, our spirit is in a higher realm and is filled with inspiration and love. The entities it encounters are loving and full of wisdom. When we are in a lower vibrational state, our soul walks through the lower dimensions of existence and is full of dread and fear. The entities it meets here are not at all friendly and generally parasitic in nature (much like people become when they are of a negative mindset). Literally, heaven and hell (though I don’t believe in those places, or the bible – there are no doubt nice realms and dark and dank realms). This may be a flawed perspective, but it is one that my intuition and experience has led me to believe is true. I would be happy to hear any feed back though 🙂

Diet And Exercise

So curing depression is possible, but with any task it always helps to have the right tools. The best tools along side of some mental self control are diet and exercise. Not diet OR exercise, diet AND exercise. If you are only capable of walking 10 minutes a day, then do that – then start to walk 20, 30, 40, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours… Ok, perhaps 3 hours scares you a bit. But I did it yesterday and it was fantastic! Ok, so exercise is hard for a lot of people so a better place to start is with diet. Now, with the right diet it will INSPIRE exercise.

I recommend a fruitarian diet and believe it is the most appropriate diet for us, if you are interested in this have a look at some of the links on the right hand sidebar. However, there is no reason you NEED to be a fruitarian to cure your depression – but it will help. It will leave you filled with energy and feeling positive all the time and that will inspire you to exercise. Having said that, I think the most important thing to do is eliminate any and all animal products from your diet. Meat and dairy isn’t “free”, they are heavy foods in the sense that their karma attachment is great. Much of the suffering that the animals endure is transferred to you in the form of negative energy when you eat it. It WILL lower your vibrational state and you won’t be able to hold a positive higher vibrational state without a lot of effort until you stop eating it.

Hopefully I have given you some inspiration to make some changes in your life and I wish you the best of luck on your road to success!